Breaking: Kate Middleton Got a $984 Haircut

Photo: Jesal / Tanna / Splash News/

Just how many hairdressers does Kate Middleton have? We thought James Pryce was her bona fide, since he cut her hair on her North American tour. Then it was Richard Ward. And now we hear that some fellow named Rossano Ferretti (who also cut Princess Diana's hair) told Vanity Fair that he just gave the Duchess a $984  (£600) haircut. The haircut was done using handmade texturizing scissors and is described as "Method" (What is a Method haircut? Cutting is execut-ting? I am the follicle and the shaft?). Reportedly, the haircut occurred after the Duchess went into crisis mode upon noticing a few gray hairs. She was last seen with her $984 hair, hidden under a diamond tiara.