Burberry Beauty Opens Its First London Store


Now everyone can see how great khaki looks against all skin tones: Burberry Beauty has announced its first brick-and-mortar store, opening in London's Covent Garden. True to Burberry's reputation as a digital innovator (their last CEO, Angela Ahrendts, left to go to Apple), Burberry's Beauty Box will combine beauty and technology initiatives. A "digital chandelier" showing beauty content will hang overhead, and customers will be able to buy items via iPad or iPhone.The brand's Runway Made to Order feature (allowing customers to purchase items directly off the runway) will now include beauty. 

There's even the Runway Nail Bar, which — like a digital nail fitting room — ensures you never again pick the wrong polish colors. Customers can digitally "try on" the latest Burberry nail shades, using a radio-frequency identification platform. For beauty technology luddites, there are also more normal services, like a manicure bar and one-to-one beauty consulting. Now if only Burberry's beauty vision for the future included eyelid art.