California Revenge Pornographer Gets Five Years

Photo: Courtesy of KTLA

Prolific California revenge pornographer Karen “Gary” Kazaryan, 27, was sentenced to 5 years in federal prison yesterday, after pleading guilty to 15 counts each of identity theft and unauthorized access of a protected computer. Kazaryan hacked into his victims’ Facebook, Skype, or e-mail accounts, locked them out, and used their files and address books to find nude photos or solicit new ones. When his victims realized they’d been hacked, he would threaten to make the photos public unless they provided more nude photos. “In some cases, the suspect posted the nude photos to the victims' Facebook pages when they refused his demands,” KABC7 reports. Kazaryan amassed 3,000 compromising photos from an estimated 350 women. In a letter to the judge, he blamed depression and marijuana use for his crimes. The State of California kindly requests Karen leave pot out of this.