Cara Delevingne Wears 9 Hats in Bizarre Video


For it was written that a quirky girl must have quirky headgear, Cara Delevingne's collection of hats is truly outrageous. Fair England is the isle of fascinators, proper caps, and jaunty paper crowns, so the appointed national representing eccentricity had to play the big leagues of weird headgear. In a three-minute video directed by her sister, Poppy for LOVE magazine, Delevingne parades not one, not two, but nine quirky hats, including a frog cap with bug eyes, a wrapping paper tricorne, and a turkey (whose legs looked like little elf ears). Delevigne's video is semi-instructional, and we can only assume the directions would help one be more like Cara. It's a bubble-appreciating, champagne-drinking, reindeer-feeding type of gig.