Celebs Vacation in Bikinis While We’re Freezing


You know those friends in middle school who went on exotic vacations for holiday break and came back with braided, beaded hair as if trying to rub in your face the fact that you spent the week at your grandparents' house in New Jersey? They're still doing it, but now they're posting all the awesome vacation evidence on Instagram, and they're not your IRL friends, they're the friends you read about on the Internet, more commonly known as celebrities. While we're sitting at our desks using our winter coats as makeshift blankets, Rihanna is taking selfies in Barbados, Cara Delevingne is frolicking on the beach with a new tattoo, and even Stephanie Seymour is posing for pics among the waves in St. Barts. So, settle into your sweatsuit and indulge in a little self-torture with our slideshow of celebs in bathing suits, enjoying the perks of non-freezing climates. Seriously, looking at this Instagram of Sofía Vergara in a bikini thong is worse than the time our friend Courtney told us she'd drunk out of a coconut.