Fragrant Friday: Lolita Lempicka Elle L’Aime


If you like piña coladas, getting lost in the rain, and the scent of sunscreen, Lolita Lempicka's latest, Elle L'Aime, is for you. For certain people (there are 2,220,000 Google hits for the phrase "sunscreen scent"), evoking the coconut-y, warm-kissed scent of sunscreen is the fragrance ideal. Elle L'Aime smells like a more sophisticated version of your favorite sun protector, making it once of the best-selling feminine floral fragrances in France (apparently Parisians like the scent of sunscreen, too).

Its primary first note is a strong scent of island coconut (what is described as a decadent Coco Essence heart) that warms up to a floral with a hint of vanilla and sandalwood. Rounding out the warmness of the scent is a slight hint of citrus, tempered with warm elements like bergamot, neroli, lime, and jasmine. Despite its strong coconut note, it's more of a warm floral than a gourmand scent, one that calls to mind beaches and florals more than coconut cream pie. Now you can stop sniffing all that Banana Boat.