Gisele Is the Modern Model of Multitasking

Photo: giseleofficial/

Here's a photo of Gisele Bündchen getting it done. The busy model/mother/magnate posted a photo of herself doing the following simultaneously: breastfeeding her daughter, Vivian; getting ready for an event; and looking beautiful. "I am woman, watch me multitask," the Instagram caption says. Very impressive.

What's even more impressive is everything else Gisele is probably getting done at the same time. I bet that while people are doing her hair, nails, and makeup for her, her house is also being cleaned, meals for her family are being cooked, her contracts are being negotiated, her other children are being entertained, and her checkbook is being balanced. How on earth does she do it all? All by herself! All at once! Must be that scheduling app she swears by.