Glenn O’Brien Is Now a Priest Named Father G.

Photo: Courtesy photo

Glenn O’Brien, patron saint of Interview, GQ style guy, and person of general fluidity between the fashion and art worlds, has always given off an avuncular vibe. So it made sense when he masqueraded as a priest and took people’s confessions in an elaborate performance art piece at the Chelsea Hotel last year. Now transcriptions of those anonymous confessions make up a new book, Penance, which will be published by ALLDAYEVERYDAY and celebrated with a book signing during Art Basel in Miami tomorrow night. The confessions range from the mild (“I lie a lot”) to the profane (“I had sex with a donkey on May Day”).  For his part, Father G. asks all the right questions: “Have you ever been out with a goy?” "Do you have any fake designer  items? Do you have a fake Rolex? Any fake Chanel? Or Louis Vuitton ... Fendi? … " "Fake orgasms?" "Have you been Googling yourself?")

The limited-edition book, with a cover designed by Richard Prince, claims to be “all the lurid detail of a Fifty Shades of Grey meets the philosophical agility of Socrates.” E.L. James, take note.