Here Comes the Deceptive ‘Honey Diet’

Photo: 64/Corbis

No Monday after Thanksgiving would be complete without news about a requisite fad diet — and here it is! The Daily Mail reports that the honey diet is the newest way to lose weight quick before the holidays, promising you'll drop three pounds per week. It sounds easy enough: Drink a simple elixir containing hot water, lemon, and one to two tablespoons of honey in the morning and before bed. So easy! So simple! Except not. 

The Daily Mail unhelpfully minimizes that in addition to drinking the honey elixir, the diet is only effective when followed in conjunction with other "Golden Rules." These rules include: no junk food; ditching potatoes entirely while doing no carbs one day a week; eating unlimited salads and vegetables, but only two pieces of fruit a day; eating protein with every meal; and choosing complex carbs instead of simple carbs. So don't forget to try the honey diet while also practicing the advice touted in about four other diets (Atkins, the Zone, Paleo, and, well, common sense.) I guess the honey-Atkins-Zone-Paleo-duh diet is a lot less snappy. Thanks, but we'll stick to the Instagram diet.