How Rich Do These Magazine Editors Think We Are?


The holidays are upon us, which means newsstands are filled with publications pushing luxury goods in the form of "gift guides." Tallying up the total cost of these guides from major magazines, the consensus is this: Magazine editors think you are rich. So rich. So. So. Rich. Yet Gallup reports that the average American expects to spend $786 on holiday gifts this year, which means they can afford about two-and-a-third of a gift from this month’s InStyle guide — never mind the 28 separate "price on request items" that Vogue recommends for all the people on your shopping list.

The Cut stubbornly tracked down unlisted price tags (when companies would share them, which was not as often as you would think) and crunched all the numbers, so click through to see the financial analysis of this year’s magazine gift guides, including the nominations for most ridiculous gifts (don't worry, we included ourselves too). A blinged-out KitchenAid mixer! A 48-karat-gold-plated Xbox! A Virgin Galactic space-shuttle flight, available for $250,000 per seat!