Kate Middleton Debuts Sad, Droopy Ponytail

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate Middleton's $984 haircut has been revealed — and it's not nearly as grand as we'd expect. On the red carpet for the London premiere of Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom on Thursday night, she wore a white long-sleeved recycled Rouland Mouret dress along with what is apparently a $35 Zara necklace and a low-slung, droopy ponytail. The Cut is not underwhelmed or overwhelmed by her hair choice, just whelmed. It looks like a frizz-free version of the ponytail you wear in a low-impact exercise class like Pilates, with a weird amount of volume in the lower back. But the pieces in the front do nicely frame her pretty face. There are just so many better options for her to choose from. That tiara was nice. 

Photo: AFP/Getty Images