Male Gaze: Tom Brady, Always Left Hanging

Photo: Harry How/Getty Images

We might not be fans of the Patriots (or football), but we're definitely fans of Tom Brady. We love him in spite of because of his ponytail phase, his cute dad humor, his chiseled cheeks, and that tingle-inducing stare — even other men have to admit that Mr. Brady is plain beautiful. And now we have another reason to love him just that much more: The dude is not always a smooth operator. Sure, he can throw a football well, but he isn't an MVP when it comes to his high-five game. During last night's Patriots-Ravens game, Gisele's husband walked around with his hand up, wanting to congratulate someone, anyone, bro-style, but he was denied. Tom, you wonderfully awkward human being, you're welcome to come over anytime and we'll teach you the "Oh, I was just running my hand through my hair" move. It's our go-to when we accidentally wave to strangers on the street, and you'll thank us when this inevitably happens to you again.