Rich Couples Choose to Use the Bathroom Together


If you thought the intimate horror of using the toilet while your significant other showers was the plight of poor and cramped city-dwellers, think again. The hot new home renovation for the one percent is the his-and-hers master bath, the Wall Street Journal reports. Featuring two vanities and double-wide showers, these marble sanctuaries of (totally voluntary!) mutual grooming and elimination have trickled down from Cribs-worthy mansions to regular old McMansions.

"When you're a young kid building your life together, you have to compromise on everything," explains David E. Gross, co-founder of interior design firm GF55 Partners. Like taking turns at the sink in the morning. "You get to a certain point, you don't want to do it." Instead, you want to do everything together.

According to the Journal, 6 percent of buyers consider his-and-hers baths essential, and only 18 percent insist on a private toilet compartment. Then there are the extreme couples who prefer “two facing toilets” (exactly what it sounds like), such as those installed at the $27 million luxury renovated pre-war residences at 737 Park Avenue. Think of them next time the shower curtain separating you from your beloved seems a little thin.