Use PowerPoint to Get a Date, or Some Therapy


Is your OkCupid message game weak? Are you more at home in the Microsoft Office suite than swiping right or left on Tinder? Try Presentation Dating with Rahul Saggar, a Brooklyn engineer and the inventor of an alternative tampon applicator. According to the Daily News and DNAinfo, Saggar’s latest innovation is a monthly singles mixer that’s part speed-dating, part elevator pitch, inspired by the time a young co-worker started flirting with him after he nailed a PowerPoint presentation. “I just want a format for people to present themselves to a group of people, and if people are interested, they can go out,” he told the Daily News. So he lets them do it in his apartment, with free drinks and use of his projector. Presentation Dating has yet to yield many matches, but it appears to offer daters some catharsis. “One girl presented her online dating profile and started talking about how men have the power in [dating]," Saggar told DNAinfo. “And then the men there said that the women have power. It became like a group therapy session.” There's more information about how to sign up at the links.