Virgil Abloh Is Inspired by Martha Stewart

Virgil Abloh, the creative muscle behind Kanye West's Donda, shares his collaborators' penchant for lofty goals. For his first solo clothing collection, called Off-White, the designer tells that he hopes to infuse his streetwear line with a Martha Stewart twist — sadly, not the DIY-glitter-and-macramé Stewart, but the shabby, nautical version.

"I have this deep infatuation with Montauk and Martha Stewart and Nantucket. My parents are from Ghana, and I grew up in Chicago, but for some reason, this lifestyle, shabby chic — it’s grown [on me] since I got older," he said. 

With the collection, which consists of jeans and chinos in unbleached canvas, A-line flannels, and perforated mesh shorts, Abloh hopes to bring the relaxed, washed-out, worn-in side of fashion to streetwear, which generally covets the brand-new, right-out-of-the-box vibe. The only shoe in the collection is an espadrille. "Outside of the sneaker conversation, I think, is much more interesting," he said. "No one in the hood is wearing espadrilles." Well, not for long, anyway.