22 More Days of Beyoncé’s Vegan Challenge?

Photo: Beyonce/Instgram.com; Getty Images

Yesterday, Beyoncé Instagrammed a delightful vegan snack: a chocolate protein bar with some banana slices, captioned #22daysvegan. What's this? A resurrection of last month's exciting diet? While her success (Bey at the Grammys — damn!) might seem to warrant a lasting endorsement, the photo provides no confirmation that she is back on the vegan wagon. In fact, it just happens to be Throwback Thursday, and this Instagram follows a string of Beyoncé's banging body photos. So perhaps it's less an announcement, and more a subtle reminder that she "woke up like dis" (where "dis" means having previously abstained from all delicious foods and asking personal chef whip up 22 days of vegan meals). Always an inspiration.