American Apparel Displays Big, Bushy Bush

Photo: Courtesy of Michele Barber-Perry

American Apparel, purveyor of fashionable, on-trend basics, has once again adopted one of 2013's biggest fads: pubic hair. The brand, which is known for its provocative advertisements, unveiled a new window display in its Houston Street location this morning that features mannequins sporting merkins. The models are dressed in semi-sheer underwear that clearly exposes the hair and distinct pink nipples underneath.

Dov Charney and his crew are no strangers to bush: au naturel lady parts have been featured in American Apparel ads before (links NSFW), so putting an un-waxed dummy in a store window seems like the inevitable next step. But what is particularly interesting is just how bushy this bush is. Looking at Gothamist's photo, the hair seems to be growing fuller from model one to model three, with the mannequin on the left working an unmanicured bikini area à la Miranda in Sex and the City and the model on the far right wearing an aggressively hairy pube rug. We're not exactly sure how you display pubic hair tastefully, but this probably isn't it. We're still waiting on Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz to weigh in.