American Girl Makes 2014 the Year of Pink Hair

Photo: American Girl

American Girl, the maker of the those expensive dolls you just had to have when you were 10 years old, just introduced its newest doll: Isabelle, a spirited blonde who's about to join dance school. Isabelle, like Molly, Samantha, Addie, and the rest of the AG gals before her, has clothes and a look typical of her time period. But unlike Molly's nifty beret and super-cool hula-skirt Halloween costume from 1944 or Samantha's rad fur muff from 1904, 2014's model gets an asymmetrical fashion tee, a motorcycle jacket, and some ombré pink hair.

Luckily, the rainbow-bright strands are clip-ins, so Isabelle doesn't have to stay married to the look — like our friend's Kirsten doll who made the permanent transition to pink after getting a Kool-Aid dye job. But is this how 2014 will be remembered when Isabelle is discovered in some middle-school time capsule in 50 years?  Someone might want to tell Chloe Nørgaard she wasn't the first to go pink for the new year.