7 Fresh Candles That Smell Like Salads


These days, everyone knows that the most efficient way to get your greens is to drink them. But if you're really a juicehead, you shouldn't just consume them — you should take them home and burn them, too. They're good for ambiance — and no, not the strangely sexual produce art. Arugula, cucumber, watercress, mint, basil, lemon, and heirloom tomatoes make up unique candle flavors that will fill your home with the energizing, mesmerizing scent of lean green. Rest assured that these candles do not smell like lawn clippings, and recall the subtler, cleaner scents you won't find in chopped salads. Be the man or woman laughing alone with salad (candles) and click through the slideshow. Warning: Burning these all at once will likely result in the strong, unmistakable aroma of Greek salad.