Dean of Harvard Business School: Sorry, Ladies

Nitin Nohria Photo: Mike Fein/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Nitin Nohria is sorry. The dean of the Harvard Business School apologized Monday to the women, who, he knows, felt “disrespected, left out, and unloved by the school.” “I’m sorry on behalf of the Business School,” he told an audience of 600 at an alumni gala. “The school owed you better, and I promise it will be better.” (For more on the effects of HBS male-dominated culture on female students and teachers, see Jodi Kantor’s New York Times exposé and Ann Friedman’s essay on bro world.) According to Fortune (h/t Jezebel), Nohria pledged to more than double the percentage of women who are at the center of Harvard case studies, from 9 percent to 20 percent, and will launch “a program to help more women serve on boards of directors and to more meaningfully encourage mentorship of female students and alumni.” Consider yourself pardoned, Nohria. Next, we’d like to hear from Mike Huckabee, the marketers of that “manly” Diet Dr. Pepper, and the fashion cabal that made peplums cool.