Dior Couture Had the Fanciest Pool Shoes Ever


The Christian Dior spring 2014 haute couture show on Monday opened with its usual head-spinning elegance; romantic dresses were paired with ever-so-kinky sockless garters that hit just below the knee. In the footwear department, there were silver, embellished, pilgrimlike kitten heels, black leather pumps, and garters with lavender bows. And then, with the equivalent of a record scratch, somewhere halfway through the show, a model strode out in a strapless blue eyelet dress with … aquatic sneakers?

The strange sneakers looked like black slip-ons with white rubber soles: the kind of shoes you’d wear in a summer-camp shower, or snorkeling off a rocky beach. While they do look comfy, cool, and stylish, they weren't something we’d expect to find at a couture show. A few other pairs followed – a refreshing accent to ladylike gowns – and featured beading in every variety to match the clothes (even rainbow). Never again will award-show presenters have to go Louboutin-less on stage