An Elie Saab Model Took a Runway Swan Dive

Photo: Photos: Getty Images

They happen every season – and, somehow, often at Elie Saab: graceful, poetic, deeply embarrassing runway falls. They range from basic face-plants to slow, painful wobbles. Sometimes they’re accompanied by visible displays of shame; at others, stony-faced denial that the fall even happened. Occasionally, there’s the brave (and triumphant) choice to remove the offending shoes and proceed barefoot.

But, in the case of a young model at the Elie Saab couture show in Paris on Wednesday, her beaded plunge was swanlike — graceful, even. We’d imagine this is going to happen a whole lot less in the coming seasons — with comfy sneakers and pool shoes mounting an offensive on the runways – so, much like a football fumble, slo-mo this while you can.