Fragrant Friday: Balmain Silk Hair Perfume


Unlike regular perfume, hair perfume sounds decidedly unsexy. It recalls dry shampoo — minus the shampoo. Something that Victorian women sprayed on their heads before the days of easy-access bathwater, diamond oil shampoo, and before we realized that sandy, beachy hair was an ideal. But, of course, leave it to the French to create a covetable version that removes all connotations of musty, unwashed hair. 

Balmain, best-known for its rock-and-roll aesthetic, made a foray into haircare with luxury clip-on extensions — and continues with  Silk Hair Perfume. It's the kind of scent that you want to spray not just on your hair but all over your body. It smells like Kate Moss on vacation, with a full-bodied scent complete with top notes and drydown. Gardenia and white musk hits you first, underscored by sandalwood and the faintest touch of peach citrus. The effect is warm and sexy, the kind of scent you want to spray on your hair when you stayed out too late and are wiping off the smudged eyeliner under your eyes. It comes with a chic atomizer and an Argan oil blend of silk protein, and also detangles your hair.