Fun New Japanese Game Show: Candy or Not Candy?


Since grade school, we've been told that it is not appropriate to stick inanimate objects in our mouths to figure out if they're actually candy. But what if that shoe is actually chocolate? How else are we going to know? Well, Kokatu found a revolutionary Japanese game show that lets celebrities break all the rules, putting random things in their mouths in hopes that they are actually sweet treats. Wish fulfillment!

The show, featuring Japanese sokkuri sweets, has simple rules: The host hands a celebrity an object, the celebrity sticks said object in his mouth, bites, and looks at the camera either horrified, because it's not chocolate, or soooo happy, because it is chocolate. 

Examples: Is this hat made of hat material? No! How about this doorknob? Is that made of metal and bacteria, or dark chocolate and joy? Chocolate! How about this shoe! Also Chocolate? The show has no real winners or losers, except for that guy who put a real shoe in his mouth, hoping it was chocolate. But, nope. It was a shoe.