Miley Cyrus Is Now a Sad, Porny Clown

Photo: mileycyrus/

Miley Cyrus truly excels at bizarre, ridiculous semi-nudity. Her strategic deployment of things like high-cut leotards and wrecking balls leaves juuuust enough to the imagination while leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. She's really outdone herself with her accessories selection for the promo poster for her January 29 MTV Unplugged session. She wears a short blonde wig (great bob!), a black farmer's hat, a jaunty neck scarf, some busted, Lady Gaga-inspired dentures, and sequined nipple pasties which seem to say I'm a showstopping performer and I hate bras, while the demented cowgirl getup reveals she's still just goofy ol' Hannah Montana at heart, and Lloyd Christmas in practice

Brava, Miley, you've done it again. We see so much flesh, but we're still left wondering: What on earth are you doing?