Oprah Just Had the Best Birthday Experience Ever


Of course Oprah would love SoulCycle: Inspiring exhortations toward self-improvement are her thing. So, in celebration of her upcoming 60th birthday, Oprah had a spin-class party in West Hollywood. In a daze of endorphin-fueled exhilaration, Oprah declared that, compared to 59 birthdays of yore, this was "the best birthday experience ever."

This is a fascinating display of personal power — to insist that your friends and fellows physically work themselves into a  sweat in celebration of your birthday. A SoulCycle birthday party/power flaunt was previously orchestrated by Lena Dunham in May 2012. But Oprah wanted to her birthday experience to be a true Event. She outfitted her crew and herself in Happy Birthday, Oprah shirts so in case any of them forgot why they were sweating, they could just look down.

Note: The way Oprah says the soul part of SoulCycle — "souoo-oolllle" — is exactly the way you hoped she would say it.