Rent the Runway for Your Toddler


It was probably inevitable that some savvy entrepreneur, noting the twin trends of sorority-girl fashion rentals and preschool Instagram style icons, would invent Borrow Mini Couture. But does that make it any less ridiculous? A Rent the Runway for the 9-month-to-4-year-old set, Borrow Mini Couture lends designer children’s labels favored by Nori and Suri (Stella McCartney, Dior, Chloé) at a fraction of the retail price. That way, parents don’t have to invest in miniature formalwear that will quickly be outgrown, the thinking goes. Plus, each piece is insured against baby lifestyle hazards like vomit and milk stains. Some pieces, like the Dior tricot knit with braiding "reminiscent of the twisting staircase of 30 Avenue Montaigne," might even make lacking control of one’s bodily functions chic. Indeed, toddler-model Devon looked sharp picking his nose in this Crewcuts miniature Ludlow Suit ($384 retail, but just $83.00 to rent) on Good Morning America last week (h/t Jezebel). Watch at the risk of becoming a person who feels like rental baby couture is actually kind of practical, if you think about it?