Sex for Science Is Mad Boring


Dispatches from cognitive neuroscientist and sex researcher Nan Wise confirm that having sex for science is as boring, high-pressure, and stressful as a regular-old workday job. Wise studies genital stimulation and female orgasms, but her essay for The Atlantic doesn't use descriptions like "great" or "third-level great," but rather "anxious," "awkward at best," "claustrophic, panic prone," "low-level panic," and "familiar wash of anxiety." She even reports that the job requires "a Xanax tucked into my bra just in case."

There is one madcap tale about a flying sex toy, but that hilarity is counteracted by the terrifying head-clamping device required for measuring brain waves. They call it the "Hannibal Lechter [sic] Happy Helmet."