Survey: We Have No Idea If This Is a Date or Not

Nervous Dating Photo: Jacom Stephens/Getty Images

A survey of more than 2,500 single people “reflects confusion,” USA Today reports. Specifically, singles ages 18 to 24 are confused about whether or not they’re on a date. 57 percent of them believe texting has made it “more difficult to determine whether an outing is an actual date.” Singles over 35, however, were much more likely to know whether they were on a date, texting or no. The survey was commissioned by religion-specific dating sites JDate and Christian Mingle. Responders were more decided on the matter of who should pay for the date — 62 percent said men. This would seem to resolve any confusion. If the guy — or the outing initiator, as another 18 percent answered — paid, over the girl/invitee's offer to split it, then it was, by their logic, a date. And if there's still any confusion, ask (or date) someone over the age of 35.