This 5,500-Year-Old Man Is Quite Dashing

Photo: Clare Kendall/English Heritage

Who is this striking man who looks like Josh Brolin, with a dash of young Jim Carrey around the eyes? Oh, he's just a Neolithic man who predates Stonehenge.

Swedish sculptor Oscar Nilsson made a facial reconstruction of a 5,500-year-old Neolithic skull found near Stonehenge last year, and he is kind of a hunk. From Nilsson's analysis, we know this about Neo: His "ridges on the skull reveal that this man was muscular ... He had highly masculine features, such as a well-defined chin and jawbone," according to the New Scientist. He's most likely from Wales, didn't have a razor (hence his lush beard), and based on analysis of his teeth, enjoyed meat, mostly in stew form (and definitely Paleo). A rugged, stew-making man from Wales? Sounds like enough for a highly successful OkCupid profile.