Watch: Carven Makes a Cute Latte Mustache


Everyone, say hello to Carven Le Parfum's little sister, Carven L'Eau de Toilette. Yes, it's a little confusing: They share a similar name, but this spring's follow-up to Carven's inaugural fragrance is completely different. Although they were both created by master perfumer Francis Kurkdijian, in the context of the Fanning family tree, Carven EDT is like Elle Fanning, while Carven Le Parfum is Dakota: EDT is a little younger, and game to pose in a candy-filled photo shoot with Will Cotton or be cute with a latte mustache (as seen in a snippet of the campaign video above). Spring feels sprung with a fresh, slightly musky scent of sweet pea, peony, Italian lemon, freesia, sandalwood, and white woods.