The 35 Orangest Men Ever to Grace a Red Carpet


Male Academy Award nominees for 2014: Let the following slideshow serve as a visual cautionary tale of the dangers of over-tanning. The apricot-tinged faces of Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Adrien Brody, and many more serve as proof of how bad the "tandemonium" can get. Especially when you compare the shade of their skin to the color of their teeth, the whites of their shirts, or, more often than not, the women standing next to them. (Will Ferrell spoofed the trend when he presented the Oscar for Best Achievement in Makeup in 2006.) As you contemplate exactly how tan you would like to be at this Sunday's Oscars, click through — and remember, a healthy glow is but a few pumps of self-tanner away from pumpkin-in-a-tux.