50 Jobs You Can Have, According to The Bachelor

Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Last week, while reading Jennifer Weiner's in-depth Bachelor analysis, we learned the real importance of having so many estheticians and makeup artists and hairstylists among the show's contestants: the women are (a) bored and (b) on their own for beauty maintenance, so thank goodness they have some experts around to help with upkeep and keep them occupied.

But what about the other contestants' careers, we wondered. Amid the many realtors, publicists, and pharmeceutical sales reps, there are some interesting ones! From acrobat dancer to Jumbotron operator, from youth minister to prosthetic technician, a few professional paths to consider.

1. Firefighter

2. Captain, Air National Guard

3. Flight attendant

4. Commercial pilot

5. Local news reporter

6. Children’s book author

7. Police support specialist

8. Oil field account manager

9. Sorority recruiter

10. Dental consultant

11. Internet entrepreneur

12. Resort accountant

13. Mineral coordinator

14. Children’s hospital event planner

15. Youth minister

16. Church marketing representative

17. Casino marketing representative

18. Power tools sales representative

19. Vitamin sales representative

20. Medical sales representative/NBA dancer

21. NBA dancer

22. Former NBA dancer

23. Acrobat dancer

24. Radio City Rockette

25. NHL ice girl/communications director

26. Jumbotron operator

27. Professional soccer player

28. Opera singer

29. Musical theater performer

30. Cruise ship entertainer

31. Poker dealer

32. Former Miss Illinois

33. Spokesmodel

34. Homemaker

35. Dog groomer

36. Dolphin trainer

37. Prosthetic technician

38. Organ donor coordinator

39. Funeral home director

40. Mansion caretaker

41. Nursing home owner

42. VIP cocktail waitress

43. Beer chemist

44. Hot dog vendor

45. Grade-school teacher

46. Charity founder

47. Manscaper

48. College graduate

49. Socialite

50. Free spirit