Ask a Stylist: Advice for a Guy Who Wants Jared Leto’s Hair

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Welcome to the next installment of Hair Days' "Ask a Stylist" series with Wesley O'Meara, a stylist who counts Alexa Chung, Kate Upton, and Sarah Jessica Parker as clients and who blogs at We Hate Your Hair. Each week, O'Meara will share styling advice about looks we're trying to pull off. 

I’m a man who wants Jared Leto's hair. Where do I start? What do I do? Is this a good idea?

Wesley O'Meara: BAD IDEA. Unless you plan on playing a saxophone on the L train platform, don't do this. This works for Jared (even though he is in his early 40s) for some reason, mainly because he has the personal style to pull it off. (I mean, he still looks like he can't afford to buy his girlfriend dinner, but he somehow looks sexy.) Don't ask me how, he just does. In my opinion, there are very, very few men who can pull this off. Spanish soccer players are also somehow able to do it, but even then they're usually wearing headbands and that is just weird. 

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