Alexander Wang Knows You Can’t Get to Brooklyn

Map Of New York City, Map Of New York City, With An Inset Of The Hudson River From Yonkers To Kingston, Circa 1900, From The 10Th Edition Of Encyclopaedia Britannica. (Photo By Encyclopaedia Britannica/UIG Via Getty Images) Photo: Encyclopaedia Britannica

For all the Fashion Week–goers who have had transportation-related panic attacks since Alexander Wang announced that he would hold his show at the  Brooklyn Navy Yard, hyperventilate no more. He has heard your worries, your collective groans of "UGH. Brooklyn? Why?" He understands that you have no idea how to get there, and has reacted accordingly. Apparently a "heat-sensitive" physical invite to his show includes both turn-by-turn instructions to the venue and a 30-percent-off promo code for Uber, reports WWD.

How convenient! Please note that Wang has not included a "complain about going to Brooklyn" hotline, so please, keep those grumblings to yourself.