Best Bet: Make Up for Ever’s HD Blush


During Fashion Week, due to lack of sleep and hundreds of Black Forest gummy bears, my skin had the pallor of a sun-averse Lady Mary, and the dark circles under my eyes made me kindred spirits with Bao Bao, of Panda Cam fameBut true to my makeup philosophy (the more tired I feel, the more blush I apply), I reached for this new Make Up for Ever HD Blush

With it, I could pretend not only that I had cheekbones, but also envision the flush of a leisurely life spent on George Clooney's Capri yacht. The secret lies in HD Blush's soft-focus effect, which gives you the look of a gentle touch with Photoshop's blur tool. The formula is a natural-looking blend of silicone oils, dry oils, and waxes, which create a creamy, un-chalky texture, but isn't so pigmented that it's impossible to blend. The real demonstration of its versatility comes from its application, which can be used to either look flushed or contoured. Dab it on to your cheeks with your hands for a more "lived-in," look, or use a brush and swirl a sideways figure-eight motion under your cheekbones to sculpt. Perhaps the real demonstration of its appeal comes from three shades being sold out at Sephora

Make Up for Ever HD Blush, $26 at