Cute Mom-Daughter Pair Make Cute Paper Dresses

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/NBC/NBC via Getty Images;

In the make-believe land of Instagram, there is an account filled with the most adorable paper dresses imaginable. Mommy-blogger Angie reports that several months ago, her 4-year-old daughter became bored with her go-to princess dresses. So the pair started using construction paper, gift wrapping, and tin foil to create new outfits of their own. The craftsmanship is impressive, especially considering that Angie says her daughter is highly involved in both the ideas and execution. The requests seem reasonable for a 4-year-old: Disney princesses, the shark from the aquarium, My Little Pony, and Lupita Nyong's red-caped red-carpet dress (well, slightly and adorably precocious).