Fug Girls: A Very Slushy J. Mendel


J. Mendel was our final show of this Fashion Week, and Mother Nature apparently wanted us to go out with a blizzard-y bang. You have to feel for the designers: The one thing they can't control is the weather, and the slippery slush piles on the sidewalks were not super conducive to schlepping around town. As such, Thursday afternoon's shows were very sparsely attended; clearly, most people looked out the window and thought,  … yeah, maybe I'll just stay home and watch figure skating in my cardigan

So, full marks to the celebs who made the trek. We spied Kelly Rutherford, who doesn't even have a project to promote right now, so she must have really wanted to get out of the house. We also eyeballed Anna Kendrick, who told us earlier in the week that she had planned to take in Fashion Week from soup to nuts, and apparently that wasn't a lie, because coming out in this weather truly was nuts. She did look very cute, however, in a great metallic patterned skirt, with weather-appropriate tights and weather-inappropriate booties, so maybe she just couldn't stand the thought of that outfit going unseen.

All the way down at the end of the runway was Switched at Birth's Vanessa Marano, who was wearing a navy blue cocktail dress and high heels. "I came dressed like this," she told us. "It went … interestingly. [The problem] wasn't really the dress, because I had a parka over it. A really classy-looking parka. It was the shoes situation. Walking over the snow just from the car was just ridiculous. " She mentioned that she was born and raised in Los Angeles, so this weather is particularly challenging. "I was looking at the weather [in L.A.] and it's like, 'Ahhh, 66 degrees. Sounds amazing.' Normally, I'd be like, 'Oh my God, that's so cold.'" See? This snowstorm is good for something, even if it is just teaching those of us visiting from Los Angeles that we can't ever complain about being cold ever again.