GIF Bag: A Gold Blizzard at Diane Von Furstenberg


On day five of Fashion Week, GIF-maker extraordinaire Clint Spaulding withstood glitter showers at the Diane Von Furstenberg show and then braved the real snow on New York's wild streets.

If you stand on a street corner all poised in a statement coat will someone take your picture? Someone? Anyone?

Impressive coordination at Thakoon.

Karlie Kloss and her golden girls, just grooving about, happy and gilted as can be, at the Diane Von Furstenberg finale.

Front row at DVF: Animal-print wrap dresses.

Surprise, a shower of gold sparkles! Good luck getting that out of your hair.

At this rate, how will DVF ever make it to the end of the runway?

Green-gray raccoon eyes peeking out from a fur hoodie on this Derek Lam model.

And with the snow falling on Lynn Yaeger's matching cap and coat, we bid you adieu.