How to Ease the Pain of Growing Out a Pixie Cut

Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

There's no easy way to face the long slog of growing out a pixie cut. When you have short hair, there’s not a lot of variation that goes along with it. Oh sure, you can make it slick or put it in a pompadour, but unless you are Jennifer Lawrence on a press junket for the Hunger Games, you're probably not going to the trouble. So short hair becomes your look, your signature.

When you commit to growing it out, it looks different every day, and not in a good way. I’ve had short hair for much of my adult life. I’ve definitely gone through the growing-out process before, but, similar to child birth, you forget how painful it really is until you do it again.

It’s not like dying your hair — there’s no dramatic reveal. It’s just months of hair-regrowth drudgery until one day you wake up with a Karlie Kut. So hiding under a hat every day is an ideal way to keep some consistency. I’ve been wearing a black-and-white-striped cashmere hat since November, when I made the commitment to longer hair. I even bought a second one in pale pink. It goes way beyond the polar vortex or any desire to have a warm head. It's a crutch.

While I’m patiently waiting for my sides to catch up with the back (no mullets!), my hat serves as my surrogate hair. I rarely take it off in public, even indoors. The one time I took it off someone said, “You look like an '80s skater-boy.” So back on it went.

At a beauty event a few weeks ago, a magazine editor said to me, “I’m intrigued by what you have under that hat! Good look.” I’m pretty sure she was lying. I allow a small hunk of blonde to hang out of the hat fetchingly over one eye, but that’s it. The other day I was sitting at an event at my kid’s school and the heat was turned up to Bikram levels, so I took off my hat. One of the moms said to me, “Oh, I didn’t recognize you over there without your hat!” 

So I'd achieved a look after all, and when it comes to the agony of growing out your hair, it's the little beauty victories that matter.