Kim Kardashian Tried Out the Greasy-Roots Trend in New York Yesterday

Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday Kim Kardashian decided to walk around New York in an unbuttoned coat (which looked like it was made of teddy bear fur) and with a head of greasy hair. Confusion ensued.

The Daily Mail claimed that what was on her head was a deep-conditioning treatment and that she was letting it work her split-ends while she ran a few errands. But we're skeptical of this theory, since (a) a normal human wouldn't go outside while doing a conditioning treatment, and (b) the ends of your hair are where the most damage is, not the roots. Putting a treatment on your roots will just make everything look limp. 

Kardashian could also legitimately be trying out the wet-head, greasy-roots trend, which was, after all, on several spring runways, including rag & bone, Suno, and Prabal Gurung. Or maybe she was just experimenting with the K-Y Jelly trick?