Michelle Obama Unveils Her New ‘Power Brows’

Photo: Getty Images

Notice anything new on Michelle Obama’s face? Why, it’s a thicker, fuller set of brows! Brows that would look at home on any runway for Fashion Week.

While the First Lady's new brows aren’t quite Cara Delevingne-ean, they are weighty enough that The Telegraph is calling them a “power brow.” So much power, influence, and law-making ability conveyed into a single, softly defined arch. Almost double the size of her 2013 brows (at left), and now with square edges and a soft, elongated taper at the end, the new brow is the apparent result of many years of brow-habilitation and months hiding behindirritating,” “middlelife crisis" bangs. What's next? Maybe a Let's Grow initiative after Let's Move? America, the land of the free and untamed brow.