NYFW Street Style, Day 6: Fashion Teamwork


The only way to get through the final days of Fashion Week is by banding together and showing some fashion teamwork. A statuesque couple in coordinating navy ensembles found that two by two was the best way to survive the tents, while Marijera and Hiroshi Hamasaki trudged through the graying slush in matching impeccable white jeans and white sneaker-wedges. Annina Mislin made sure her jeans weren’t lonely by pairing them with the rest of the Canadian-tuxedo gang. 

Of course, some brave souls are still marching to their own drums, breaking free of all the tan, navy, and white-on-white. Eva Chen and Olga Karput favored Technicolor-dream furs, while Kate Davidson Hudson was warm and shiny in a coat covered in sequined paillettes. And Preetma Singh and Susie Lau — who borrowed Grover’s royal-blue pelt — demonstrated a mastery of brightly colored fur and creature footwear.