Paris Hilton Is Time-Traveling


Shiny tube of lip gloss Paris Hilton has a new music video. It's a continuation of her artistic themes of late, through which she explores space, time, era, and context. While her last music video — October's "Are You Having a Good Time?" — featured Hilton time-traveling back to the perpetual pool parties of 2003, her latest artistic dreamscape has her dipping into the 1950s and to dimensions unknown. Specifically, she promises to “take you to dimensions, you never know, you never know.” So, dimensions unexplored by the viewer or listener, but perhaps known to Paris.

Of course, it's extremely referential — mainly to Hilton's personal OG, Marilyn Monroe, as well as Madonna dressed as Marilyn Monroe. Namely, Hilton has spliced the sateen dance routines from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and "Material Girl," with not a nod to irony, satire, undercurrents of dissatisfaction with the material world, or cultural criticism. None of that. This is a reference to twirling in pink and tossing bolsters of gauzy fabric at the camera, with not a worry in the damn world, not a care in this dimension or others. While this minute-long concept piece is only a music video teaser, it contains flashes of a soul, and if anyone has a soul built to be auto-tuned, it is Paris Hilton.