Pippa Middleton Bar-Hops in a Red Furry Rickshaw

Photo: PacificCoastNews

Pippa Middleton is an adventurous woman. Her diet includes a stomach lining filled with minced innards. She fearlessly plays all the sports in bright-white clothes. She relentlessly asks the tough questions about oysters. She would rather cloak her tired, drunken eyes behind sunglasses than leave a party early. She is your fearless correspondent, and she upholds this duty strenuously.

So — presumably as research for an upcoming column about alternative modes of nighttime transportation — Pippa Middleton hailed a rickshaw after dinner in Mayfair. And the Princess-in-Law of England didn't just flag down any random, rickety rickshaw: She picked a glamorous rickshaw. It was lined with plush red fur for maximum fanciness.

She hailed that rickshaw, and she climbed aboard with an unnamed male friend. Her look was described as “windswept.”