Rihanna’s Snowy Birthday Extravaganza

Photo: badgalriri/Instagram.com

Noted participant in wholesome, good times Rihanna has shuttled a group of her companions to Aspen to celebrate her upcoming 26th birthday. Helpfully, RiRi was just interviewed for her third Vogue cover, and in the story she named her most desired items and potential birthday gifts. These include: fake jewelry from Claire’s, men’s coats, and either a shirt or a bra.

Promising family fun for all ages, the setting featured colorful balloons, a helpful whiteboard to keep everyone organized, bowling, a cake (with sprinkles!), and a hilarious game called "Guesstures." They even kept tallies — though they were just playing for fun, it's good to know who is doing the best job. It was pretty close! But it appears team Deez Nuts pulled a victory over team Thunder Pussy; Rihanna writes that Thunder Pussy was righteously murdered after losing. What an adorable and happy time.