Who Was That Redheaded Model at Prabal Gurung?


Backstage at Prabal Gurung, the Cut ran into the newest model with My Little Pony hair. Meet your new Charlotte Free, your new Chloe Norgaard: Natalie Westling from Arizona, whose hair is dyed a shade of electromagnetic vermillion. As she told the Cut, Gurung was her first show with her new hair color (normally, she's a dirty blonde). Using bleach, two types of toner, and Manic Panic, Westling said the process took three and a half hours and was done by a professional for a job. As to whether she will keep it red, Westling said: "No one else has this hair color, so it would be perfect to keep it. It's so specific, but different." Although Westling said her hair color has "limited her in what shows she can and can't do," the specificity of hair hair color perfectly matched Gurung's native Nepal-inspired collection, which showcased hues of crimson, carnelian, and rhododendron.

Photo: Clint Spaulding/Patrick McMullan