4 New York Firemen on the Craziest Runway Hair


It's easy to get jaded about fashion shows when you cover them season after season. Oh, look, they shrink-wrapped some models. Yawn. But for those who don't make a living analyzing runway models right down to their eyelashes, runway beauty can be particularly alarming.

After hearing a non-fashion man proclaim that the hair at the Marni show looked like "someone gave that girl a swirly,"* the Cut was curious about what "regular" guys thought about runway beauty, particularly the hair.

We approached a group of men at a local firehouse to see if they would share their thoughts on some of the craziest hair looks of the season. The FDNY firemen, who ranged in age from 27 to 35, were happy to help — even after hearing that we did not have access to "fashion show tickets." Click through the slideshow below for their thoughts. 

*When someone gets their head flushed in a toilet, common in many middle schools.