Andrew Garfield Will Be Emma Stone’s L.L. Bean Boyfriend

Beverly Hills, CA - Young Hollywood couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield share a perfect moment with our photographer while out in Beverly Hills running errands. 'The Amazing Spider-man' British star is seen carrying a L.L.Bean box while his cute girlfriend had her hands wrapped around his neck for a tight grip. Photo: TMCS/AKM Images / GSI Media

Andrew Garfield, the boyfriend of Emma Stone in the world and also in the Spider-Man franchise, appears to be pursuing a new role as Emma Stone's L.L. Bean boyfriend. He ordered the costume; now he just needs to practice his lines. Let's see if we can find an osprey nest. Those clam-diggers look so nice on you. Here's a domesticated baby fox that is super loyal. I brewed you your favorite IPA. He really should have worked micro-batch into that one, but it's a solid start.