Ashton Kutcher Cooked Eggs for Lil’ Zoë Kravitz

Photo: SGranitz/Getty Images

What would it be like to grow up with cool, famous parents? Oh, probably mostly normal, and also inevitably annoying when people grill you about your cool, famous parents.

When Zoë Kravitz appeared on his show to talk about her new movie (Divergent), Jimmy Kimmel asked her a series of questions about her particular cool, famous parents (Lenny, Lisa Bonet).

First he asked if it's annoying to always answer questions about Cool Mom and Cool Dad. Yes, she says with her pursed eyes and clamped grin and her silence. She has to answer questions about parents and all she got was that this one time Ashton Kutcher was inexplicably in her kitchen and made her an omelette before school.